Preparing to move from one city to another is always stressful. However, with these helpful tips, you will find yourself settling into your new home quickly and with as little stress as possible. Just make sure that you create a plan and stick to it to help ensure you have a few surprises as possible.


The most crucial step in moving is knowing your location. It is helpful to familiarize yourself with the area even before moving to it. You can check out online maps, such as Google maps, to get a good feel of your future surrounding area.

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Utilities and Services

You will want to make sure that you turn off utilities at your previous address, and make sure that they are on at your new address before even leaving for your new home. Other services you will want to stop or transfer are,

  • Internet
  • Cable
  • Newspaper
  • Mail
  • Subscriptions of any kind

Just make sure that you handle your affairs before moving. This will help eliminate future headaches when you are already stressed with trying to settle into your new life.

Packing and Moving Services

It is always a great idea to hire movers for any big move. Though the move from Katy to Austin may not seem far, this step will help keep your family safe as well as ensure that your valuables are insured. If you have items that are extremely special or expensive, then you may opt to package these belongings yourself. If you choose to have movers pack and load these items, then make sure you supervise the process.

Make sure you do your due diligence when choosing a moving company, and do not select a company based solely on the price of the move. Remember that a company that offers customer service seven days per week will help lessen your worries in regards to mishaps before, during, or after your move.

Act Like You Are Going On Vacation

It is helpful to remember that you will not merely pack, travel, and unpack. You will be displaced for a few weeks at the least, and it is helpful to pack your bags like you are going on a trip. Things to keep handy,

  • Chargers
  • Electronic devices
  • Prescriptions and medicines
  • Extra reader glasses
  • Confirmation numbers
  • Directions
  • Agenda during and after your move
  • Extra clothes
  • Comfort items for small children (stuffed animals, blankets, toys, etc.)
Once you’re settled into your new Austin home, you can look forward to jaunts around Lady Bird Lake.

Saving Money While Traveling

You can save money on food and accessories by planning ahead. It is wise to pack a cooler, buy snacks in advance, and stop at rest stops or parks to stretch. You know how tempting it can be to purchase products you do not need while traveling. Therefore, plan in advance and save yourself money that you will be able to spend on items you will need for your new home.


You will feel stressed, and things can go wrong. However, remember to breathe during these trying moments. Stress will not change your situation, and you will only exhaust yourself. Try to embark on your moving experience as a positive change, and remember to think positive.

It may seem like life is turned upside down for a little bit, but you will really enjoy yourself once you make it through the toughest part of relocating. Just remember to rest when necessary, stay hydrated, and enjoy yourself.

During this stressful time, remember to take some time from self-care. Small things like meditation can make a huge difference.

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